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recreational independance
recreational independance
Like last year, Renault has taken up the cause to toot the horn for the European Week of Courtesy on the Road. And the most courteous act we can do on the road is to give way to others. Like giving up a parking spot. This is literally what Renault is doing – giving up its place in the press. The brand has given up a full page ad in Belgian daily newspapers to VW Golf and to Nissan Juke.
"Bring voice back"
think this is underestimated, in a world where people dont even call each other anymore. this stil captures it perfectly 
world health day 

They’ve banned pussy ads.
Celebrating the 2d games
Caught on to it very late but hovis creating brand awareness before Christmas  nice touch

ENPA: Puppy - “Help us cure the victims of cosmetics tests. Send an sms to 48585 to give 1 Euro and contribute to creating a rehab center.” by Lowe
Many connotations here